pdf417 scanning SDK for your mobile app

PhotoPay team developed Pdf417 SDK (2D Barcode) mobile scanning library with these advanced scanning features:

  • Fully customizable UI
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux?, MacOS?, Windows and Windows Phone (coming soon)
  • Barcode types: PDF417 (2D Barcode), Compact PDF417, QR code, 1D Barcodes
  • Flexibility: easy to integrate API
  • Working conditions: low and poor light
  • Camera quality: low quality and low resolution mobile cameras
  • Perspective: can shoot at an angle
  • Speed: 100-900 ms - depends on device and barcode size
  • Charset: full Unicode support

Ideal for different barcode reader apps like:
boarding pass, personal identifications, payment slips, driver licenses, elections, conferences, e-wallets, auto and air industries, election apps, conferences, insurance, health industry and other.


New versions

25th April 2014 - PDF417.mobi SDK upgraded to v2.6.2. Recent changes include:

    • Various bugfixes and performance improvements
    • Improved scanning of Code39 and Code128 barcodes
    • Added support for changing camera activity's background color

Summary of Previous News

    • Added new sample which shows how to integrate barcode scanning with other apps on iOS via URL Schemes.
    • Added support for setting scanning region
    • Support for custom activity window configuration (added overridable method onConfigureWindow to BaseCameraActivity)
    • Support for scanning damaged and non-standard PDF417 barcodes - if barcode checksum is not correct, returned result is marked as "uncertain"
    PhoneGap/Cordova plugin for Android and iOS have been released.
    • Adding support for front facing cameras (Android only)
    • Reading raw barcode data (e.g. embedded images)



Pdf417 is a stacked linear barcode symbol format and here you will find libraries for Android and iOS.

Download demo Pdf417 scanning app to your smartphone:

If you are a developer and want to jump straight to your development environment, just grab demo code and code samples from GitHub the familiar way:

$ git clone https://github.com/PDF417/Android.git

or for iOS:

$ git clone https://github.com/PDF417/ios.git

Please read license terms and conditons (PDF, 180 KB).


  • Free 5.000 users

    Pdf417 mobile SDK is FREE for non-commercial, educational and developer purposes

    • Non commercial License
    • Up to 5.000 users per app
    • Forum and FAQ support
    • On screen watermark
  • Basic 1.000 users

    Basic runtime license is ideal for startup projects and apps

    • Commercial License
    • Customizable UI
    • 60 days integration support
    • Upgrades for one year (optional)
    • 2 support tickets (optional)

    Total price per app:

  • Advanced 20.000 users

    Advanced runtime license is suitable for advanced use cases

    • Commercial License
    • Customizable UI
    • 60 days integration support
    • Upgrades for one year (optional)
    • 4 support tickets (optional)

    Total price per app:

  • Pro unlimited users

    Pro users, ask as for a quote

    • Commercial License
    • Customizable UI
    • 60 days integration support
    • Upgrades for one year (optional)
    • 8 support tickets (optional)

    Total price per app:

  • Premium contact us

    Premium plan fully customizable

    • Unlimited users
    • Commercial
    • Custom requests
    • For companies with 5.000+ employees
    • Linux license
    • MacOS license
    • Windows license

    Contact us with your specific requirements

    Contact us

With purchase, 60 days of integration support per app is offered.
Additional support includes upgrades for a year and is available on this site.



  • PhotoPay

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    PhotoPay software module is already integrated into several mobile banking applications where it significantly improves mobile banking usability for bill payment. PhotoPay makes bill payment fast and enjoyable without requiring changes in customer or bill issuer habits. Some banks even use PhotoPay as the feature to onboard e-invoice customers.

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  • Pdf417

    Pdf417 mobile SDK is a scanning library for Android, iOS, Linux, MaxOS and Windows. Pdf417 is a part of PhotoPay technology that allows easy scanning of payment slips, invoices and other barcode documents with mobile phone.

    Pdf417 barcode scanning solution has been custom made with an user friendly, easy to understand interface. Pdf417 library is an advanced and easy to use feature for a variety of smart phone applications .